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28 Mar Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev were once part of a love triangle on "The Vampire Diaries" in which they played Stefan and Elena, respectively. Although they were not able to rekindle their romance in the recently concluded television series, there are rumors now that the two may be dating in real life. 13 Apr After working together in "The Vampire Diaries" for several seasons, co-stars Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley are reportedly dating. Rumor has it that Dobrev is the reason Wesley broke up with his ex-girlfriend, "The Originals" star Phoebe Tonkin. 20 Jun Jag Gundu/Getty Images. After months and months of rumors, The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) went public with their relationship at the Much Music Video Awards in Nina's hometown of Toronto, Canada! The couple arrived at the event hand-in-hand and .

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  • 6 Sep The Vampire Diaries is immersed of hot actors and actresses so it's not that surprising to decide out how divers of the stars have actually dated one another. Dependable, there To decide out who faithfully dated who and which vampire couples, um we hint at real-life couples, are still going well-established look through our gallery now.
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Although they were not able to rekindle their glamour in the of late concluded television series, there are rumors now that the two may be dating in unfeigned life. Wesley and her girlfriend of four years, Phoebe Tonkin, recently alarmed off their relationship.

Vampire Diaries Stars Dating In Real Life

The two were still seen together in a few instances, such as last Christmas and last Sunday at the farmers customer base in Los Angeles, but they hover just as consorts.

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