What Means Hook Up With Someone

Means Someone Up With What Hook

4 Sep While the term “hooking up” is used quite frequently, it's interesting to note that there are multiple definitions and explanations as to what it actually means. In fact, hooking up is an expression that can signify many different things to different people. So in order to determine if hooking up with someone is the. hook up definition, meaning, what is hook up: to meet or begin to work with another person or other people. Learn more. Fig. Inf. to meet with someone. Fancy hooking up with you here, Bill. How have you been? Well, hello, Tom. I didn't think I'd hook up with you again so soon. 2. Fig. to join forces with someone. If we hook up with each other it'll be easier to defeat the others. These two competitors have hooked up together and we now have a.

Vindicated up - Idioms by The Permitted Dictionary https: To connect two particulars.

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In that usage, a noun or pronoun can be used among "hook" and "up. To set up an electronic cadency mark or system.

What Means Thoroughly Up With Someone

To spend time with someone.

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What Does “Hooking Up” Mean?

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